Across India in a Rickshaw for Charity

You heard it correctly.  In August of 2015 we are taking a team of the toughest peeps to the depths of India 3500km (2,174 miles) across the country in a motorized ...

2014 Ghana Adventure Complete

After walking 500 miles across Spain raising $11.200, losing a passport, being stuck in Spain, receiving numerous warning about traveling to Ghana and getting the occasional report from a team of the bravest people ...

-Welcome to The One Effect-

   Welcome to The One Effect! The One Effect is an experiment to see how much one blog can change the world in both big and small ways.     ...


The Christmas Truce

In December 1914 the British and Germans were fighting against each other ...

Manage Your Dreams and Your Daily Life

Sometimes, when it comes to going after and achieving our dreams, it ...

Do We Ever Lose Self-Doubt

This is what a lot of us hope for. The idea that ...

First Hand Account of The Rickshaw Run ~ 2000+ Miles Across India for Charity

On a sunny summer day in Barcelona, a fellow online entrepreneur/world traveler ...

Why India?

Have you ever been on an adventure that is completely ridiculous and out of ...


“Serendipity, moments of unexpected relevance. Moments when you find yourself looking for ...

The Power of Music – The Perfect Drug

What happens when we listen to music? The music stimulates our brain ...

The Only Real Question in Life

  Once upon a time, a friend and myself made gift bags ...

What Will You Do Today That Matters?

Once upon a time I had a friend from Texas visit me. ...

- How to be a Super Productive Human – For Men and Women

  In today’s world with smart phones, laptops, apps, email, social media, ...

Giving to Those That Give

-In this video a man pretends to be homeless. Everyone that gives ...

How to Find Clarity

Each of us comes to a point in our lives where we ...

Your Time is Limited

Today is Friday, and it is the first day of the rest ...

Why You Have No Control

“The more you relinquish power, the more powerful you become.” Alan Watts ...


  *Photo credits for Sean MacEntee “Most people are not living their ...

What Do You Desire?

What do you desire….what do you really desire?  Are you ignoring what ...

For the Everyday Heroes

“The everyday heroes don’t always know that they are heroes, and sometimes need reminding.” ...

You Want Change? Here’s the First Step…

This video is a good one.  Watch this for 21 days and ...

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Thank You for Your Registration

Thank you for registering for the Rickshaw Run 2015. We are looking forward to experiencing this adventure with you. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction. We will contact you shortly to confirm all […]

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How to Perform Like a Superhuman

Because we are animals…we become men… *Photo credits – Patrick Leitz There is a new fad trending on the internet about people learning how to become more productive. It is a natural human instinct to try and figure out how to do more, with less. We have health plans that increase your energy so you […]

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It’s Impossible to Change the World?

There are people in this world that make a stormy day out of sunshine, and there are people that make sunshine out of a stormy day.  If this inspires you, let it inspire others by sharing, click below.

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The Fishwife Sidur to Gilgamesh

The Fishwife Sidur to Gilgamesh: “When the heavenly gods created human beings, they kept everlasting life for themselves and gave us death. So, accept your fate. Each day, wash your head, bathe your body, and wear clothes that are sparkling fresh. Fill your stomach with tasty food. Play, sing dance, and be happy both day […]

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Playing the Guitar with Their Feet

Sometimes there are people that can just humble us all.  These 3 guys do not have arms and learned to play the guitar with their feet.  Numerous times they were told what they were doing was impossible.  Impossible is only up to you!  Watch how amazing these guys are.  If this inspires you, let it inspire […]

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Making the Really Tough Decisions

It is unavoidable…if you do anything productive with your life, (I pray you do) you will come to a point where you have to make a really hard decision.  They hard thing about the decision is that typically you will have a list of pro’s and con’s on both sides.  Sometimes there will be more pro’s […]

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T’was the Night Before the World Series

-Twas the night before the World Series and all through the city.  Not a person was stirring, not even a little bitty. -The field was manicured, with caution and care. Knowing that the future champions would soon be there.  -The players were nestled all snug in their beds.  While visions of a sweep, danced in their […]

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Dad, I’m Sorry I Can’t Watch the World Series With You

Hey Dad, I wanted to write you a note for you to read before you head to the big game. I know seeing the Royals in the World Series is a dream come true for you.  It’s not often we get to see this happen and, to be lucky enough to score a couple of […]

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If this inspires you, let it inspire others by sharing, click below. 

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

This is a really inspirational video, let me apologize for the cuss words, there are only a couple of them. For the most part it is clean, and really inspiring.  “You have to get to a place where you become comfortable being uncomfortable.” If this inspires you, let it inspire others by sharing, click below

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