-15 Ways to Have More Fun-


From crazy party girls,  successful entrepreneurs, to the ‘stay at home dad’, we asked people from all over the world how to have more fun…..QUALITY FUN.  Here are the best answers and feel free to add some of your own. 

1.  Do things that get your adrenalin going- experience new things, do things you never thought you would/could do. Go places where the views are incredible. Go swing on a swing set at a park, hike, be in nature more, help someone you don’t know (with anything they may need help with) donate, help with charity events, pay it forward.   -Dave, Hotel Manager/Off-Road Jeep Enthusiast from Arizona-


2. Always take risks- there is always a 50/50 shot at being successful or falling flat on your face and it’s a real fine line, but always own it. React to your initial thought, weigh the consequences and then do it anyway. Then everyone will relax and call it a blast. But make sure you always own it!    -Jason, Farmer/Bull Rider

3.  Relish in the deliciousness of life and upgrade your conversations. -Maurice, Entrepreneur/Adventure Seeker from California-  To elaborate on upgrading your conversations; the higher quality our conversations, the more it will force you to think and be around like-minded individuals. Being around people that think like you will increase your fun level, because these people also like to have fun like you.

4.  Puddle jumping! Go out in the middle of a rain storm, stomp in the puddles and get everyone around you soaking wet. Also, crashing hot tubs at different hotels.  -Scott, Social Entrepreneur/Extreme Motocross Rider  from Peru-

5.  Picnic on the ocean- or right near some form of water. Try a new restaurant mid-afternoon. Get together with 2 other friends at 6 AM and meet for hiking in nature.  Go kayaking or rent a wave runner for an hour!!!  -Scott, Internet Entrepreneur/World Traveler from California-


6.  A community service project and holding a friendly card game.  -Mark, Real Estate Investor/Father from Texas-  Organizing a card game is one of my favorites. It is great to get the boys together mid-week and just relax and chat.  No drinks are necessary, but they can be fun.  Male and female bonding (without the opposite sex around) is very important to keep balance in ones life. It has been shown that this relieves stress and helps people connect and become more intimate in other areas of their lives.


7.  My number one way is absolutely traveling- But traveling the world and meeting people (backpacking by far best for meeting people and also more economic).  Road trip with friends, spontaneously pack your bags, food and drink and jut hit the road (with or without a destination).  Board games with mixed friends (boys and girls) something like Pictionairy where you get to laugh a lot. Bowling or mini golf with friends, make teams and compete for dirty secrets or some other bet.   -Daniel, Thrill Seeker/Investor from Costa Rica-

8.  Take a random class- Such as Salsa dancing, Latin, and especially Improv!!!  Prank your friends family… I am known for ambushing friends/family with water balloons.  Throw a game night….cards against humanity, play Rock Band, or Dance Central. Have a cupcake eating contest, etc.  Attend a meet-up at meetup.com.  Aaron, Social Media/Lifestyle Design Enthusiast from Colorado

9.  Go for a long walk- with a group of like minded people, talk a lot and share life’s experiences. Share hopes and desires and cook together. After eating together sing and enjoy good company. These moments leave you with everlasting memories, such simple pleasures!!!   -Tom, Artist/Song Writer from England-

To add to that, go for a long walk by yourself. This helps to let go of stress and clear your mind.

10.  Do something, a new-something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. Growth and learning happen when you do something that scares you. I took my staff to Trapeze University this year, and we all learned the circus basics. Who doesn’t love flying through the air?  -Jenna Marketing Director/Dancer from Arizona-

-And a few of my own personal favorites-

11.  Give something YOU have always wanted to give…unplanned and unexpected.  Not what others think you SHOULD give.

12.  Dance….even if you suck, and even if you are alone. Put your favorite song and dance like a clown…..or like pop star, which ever you prefer.  A friend from Denmark invented what she calls ‘Ugly Dancing’. She dances her bum off and it is the worst dancing you will ever see…..apparently….because she will only ‘ugly dance’ when she is alone.

13.  Listen to music that gets you excited.  Music that inspires, and music that touches your soul.  This can go right along with #12.

And a couple from some professional Lifestyle Designers. 

14.  Write a list of 100 things you want to do before you die, and start doing them…..for an extra bonus of fun, start doing them with people you enjoy being around, and help them do theirs.  -The Buried Life.

15. Dinner, once a week with people you enjoy being around. T. Ferriss from the book The Four Hour Work Week



There they are!  Want more fun?  Try one of these a week, and remember to add your own in the comment section below.

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-15 Ways to Have More Fun-

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  1. I particularly like comment no. 9 (he’s a wise one that English artist/songwriter. I’ve only learnt from the best) and no. 15. Sharing good company is so important. Drinking, walking, laughing, sharing food round the table and talking all night. These were the times as a child and now as a young adult that I learn the true value of life.

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    • I completely agree Daisy!!!

      chrispreynolds February 27, 2014 at 10:30 pm #