3 Days Until Ghana


 -Near Leon, Spain in June 2014 hiking the Camino de Santiago to raise money for children in Ghana

Back in August 2013, I got the idea that I wanted to go to Africa.  Not just traveling anywhere in Africa, I wanted to visit a small village in Africa and make a difference.  I wanted to spend a couple weeks with the people and enjoy their way of life.  See the world from their point of view and maybe help them out in some sort of way.  After speaking with a friend, the idea came up to walk a 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain to raise money for a village somewhere in Africa.  In October of 2013, I began looking for that village.  After contacting numerous charities, finally, in December I came across Compassionate Journeys.  They had been working in Tafi Atome, Ghana for a few years getting systems established to help the people in the area. This non-profit was wanting to build a home to house slave children in Ghana.  Slavery is still a major problem there and one that is mostly overlooked and ignored by the rest of the world. They wanted to legally adopt the children out of slavery and build a place where these children would have an actual chance at life and an education.  I knew instantly that this was the connection I was looking for.

Since that time myself and a few others have put in many hours working to make this dream come true.  On May 22nd, I stared walking the Camino de Santiago which is 500 miles on foot from the south of France to the west coast of Spain.  During this time we set up a fundraiser and successfully raised $10,200.

I am writing this post because I am excited. In 3 days, we will be headed to Ghana to complete that goal.  We have a team of people that will be flying from different parts of the world and arriving in Ghana the weekend of the 15th of Aug. We will then travel 5 hours into the jungle to the village of Tafi Atome, and begin our work.

There isn’t a lot of internet connection in this part of the world and I won’t be able to post many updates.  Hopefully, I can send some updates a couple times a week.

I want to send out a big THANKS to all of you that have helped make this dream possible.  Because we worked together we will alter the lives of 9 children in a massive way.  We did that!

Until next post,

Saludos from Barcelona!





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