How to Add Giving to Your Life

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We all have our definition of giving. Some of us think we lack the gift to give (not true) and some of us give often. Many of us think that those that give often are better people than those that don’t (again not true).


The gift to give exists in all of us and how we give is a direct result of how we learned to give. Some people learn to give during Christmas or birthdays, some people learn to give by hosting others at their home.  Some people learn to give by cooking, others by cleaning, others by building, and others by charity work. Some of us give by sacrificing our needs for our families and friends. Some of us give by sacrificing our safety and fighting in a war to protect others, and some of us give by protesting a cause. Some of us give by buying things for others, and some of us give by raising children.  Some give by playing music or singing, and others give by telling jokes.  What inspires us and makes us feel alive is our natural gift to give.  When we we are happy, we spread that happiness to others.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what this world needs is for people to come alive! Howard Thurman


I give by writing on this blog, helping people accomplish their dreams, sharing world travels with others, building businesses and going to exotic cities and remote villages all around the world and helping those in need.  These things make me feel alive and when I am doing these things, I am inspiring myself and others.


My gift is no better than yours.  Maybe your gift is to cook, and you cook for your family because it brings you joy and feeds them.  Maybe your gift is to fish, you love fishing and going fishing with your friends.  There is no one gift that is better than another. There are just gifts, we all have a few and we can all make the world a better place by offering our gifts to the world.


Giving, like all things can become a habit.  It is not that those that give have more time than others.  I am one of the most busy people I know.  It is that those that give have made giving a habit and a priority.  I know that when my life is out of wack, when I am off balance, I need to focus more on giving.  When I do, everything lines back up into place.


Some of us have never learned to give, and that is okay, because we all have our own gifts to give and we all have a process of learning how to find those gifts. Maybe those people will learn to give one day because you chose to give. Maybe they will never learn to give, because you chose not to give. The choice is up to you.

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Giving does not have to be life changing. It can start small. Give a bit more time to a good friend. Give a little more time to yourself. Give a little more time to cleaning your car.  Give a little more clothes away.


See. true wealth is not about money. It never has been and never will be. True wealth is about options. When we give, our options open up abundantly because people naturally want to be around people that give. They want to help people that give and want to be a part of what is going on.  Most all of us have a bank account and love to watch it grow, this is the result of our hard work.  However, how many of us do not have a give account.  Not necessarily for money, but a give account for life.  For example, this year when I do my annual review, I will have once section for all the time I gave in the past year.  This is my give account. My gifts can be money, it can be time, it can be love, it can be my projects that I worked on. This account, this give account, is true wealth.  When that account overflows, ironically, many times, so does the money account.

How do you give?

If this inspires you, let it inspire others by sharing…



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