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-Changing the Lives of Children in Costa Rica-

Amidst the busyness of the largest city in Costa Rica exists a clinic.  This clinic is ran on a voluntary basis by some very good souls that dedicated their lives to helping the less fortunate.  One of those good souls is a man named Miner.  Miner is a maintenance man for my friends family.  He […]

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-Changing the Lives of Children in Peru-

In Sept. 2012 we made a goal, a goal that was bigger than anything we had done before. Something that would make us stretch the limits of our own boundaries and create an awesome change for years to come. The Problem….    -900,000 children in Peru suffer from malnutrition and lacking of food. This causes […]

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Building an Sustainable Farm for Malnourished Children in Peru

In a world of modern convince, super technology, the internet, Facebook, nutrition, diets, and fast food there is absolutely no excuse why a child should go malnourished, or even die from a lack of food. Food should be a basic human right for any living person, and especially a child. In Peru the situation of […]

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