-Changing the Lives of Children in Costa Rica-


Amidst the busyness of the largest city in Costa Rica exists a clinic.  This clinic is ran on a voluntary basis by some very good souls that dedicated their lives to helping the less fortunate.  One of those good souls is a man named Miner.  Miner is a maintenance man for my friends family.  He is a single father who makes the best of life with the life that he has and helps others along the way.  I met Miner when I had first moved to Costa Rica.  He then told us about the clinic O’Garson Gabriel.



O’Garson Gabriel is a clinic that is ran by a handful of nuns.  They take care of 18 children with Developmental Disabilities. Many of these children spend most of their lives in bed or in a wheelchair.  Many of them have been abandoned by their parents because it is too hard to raise them with the extremely low incomes in Costa Rica. One child was born completely healthy and then beaten so many times by his father that the boy now suffers permanent brain damage and will stay in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.  The clinic is ran solely on donations and prayers.




When we visited the clinic for the first time it was a sort of a shock.  The children are nearly lifeless.  There is rarely any laughter, no sounds of children playing and giggling like most children do.  It was hard to see these lives and not ask what was the purpose for all this.  It struck a cord in our hearts meeting the children and nuns, so we decided that we wanted to see if we could help.





I told my friend Daniel that back in the States I had been a part of many charity parties.  Someone would throw a big birthday bash and instead of presents just take donations for the party.  So his girlfriend decided she would try it out.  I also had a birthday coming up so I decided I would make a goal to raise $1000 in 10 days for my birthday.  I made a neat little video and slapped it on Facebook.  After both our birthdays we had $3000.



Our goal was $4000 so we began to brainstorm how we could raise the extra $1000.  While riding on a hot and smelly bus from San Jose to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica the idea came to me.  Let’s invite our friends to trek across Costa Rica wearing bright yellow shirts saying that we are trekking for Costa Rican youth.  Then we will climb the tallest mountain in the country (Mt. Chirripo) and hopefully by the end of the trek we would have the final $1000.


Well we did it, and we raised more than $4000, we raised $5000.  That was the project that led us to believe that if we could raise $5000 that easily and have that much fun doing it, why stop there?  Why not do this for children in different countries all over the world?  Why not make this our dent in the universe and make this our project to change the world?  So……thats what we are doing!!!


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