Christmas for a Slave

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Slavery still exists.

In this world, I imagine everyone reading this message has running water in their home. We all have a warm home when it is cold and a cool home when it is warm. We all have television, internet, cell phones and computers. We all probably have a refrigerator full of food, and the ability to buy clean food near our homes.  We all have the ability to choose where we work, choose our profession, choose where and if we worship, and choose how we want to live.  These are all basic living standards that we accept and we have become accustomed to believing that they are our rights.  These are comfortable for us, and these are rights that all of us believe others should have.

But these rights don’t exist for all of us.  As we speak, still in this world millions of people do not have these rights.  As we speak, still today, millions of people die every year because they do not have these rights.  As we speak, still today, millions of children are forced into some type of slavery.  As we speak, still today, millions of people will still do nothing to change that fact.

Christmas is soon and it is a very important holiday for many of us.  People all over the world celebrate giving, family, love and togetherness. For many, this is the most important day of the year.  Could you imagine what it would be like to be a slave during Christmas.  My guess is, that most don’t get the chance to celebrate, to give to others, or to eat a fine meal with people they love. 

The more I travel, the greater I appreciate where I come from.  The more my gratitude grows everyday because I know that what I have is a lot compared to millions in this world. The simple freedom to choose where I go, when I want is what makes me push out and look past any excuse I may have. I have freedom, and I imagine everyone reading this also has that freedom. Anytime I have a self-doubt, or excuses I think of those kids in around the world that know not what freedom is.  When I think of them, any of my excuses sound pathetic. 

This Christmas, I challenge you to think of the people in this world that are slaves.  When we get tied up, busy and stressed with what is happening in our own lives….think of those that have nothing…..they are out there, hoping for someone to notice them and make a change so one day they can have the freedom that we have. 

It is indecent of man to enjoy his freedom and liberties if others are denied these same rights, and he does nothing to change that.

Freedom is indivisible, when one man is enslaved, all are not free. John F. Kennedy

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