-Changing the Lives of Children in Peru-


In Sept. 2012 we made a goal, a goal that was bigger than anything we had done before. Something that would make us stretch the limits of our own boundaries and create an awesome change for years to come.

The Problem….

   -900,000 children in Peru suffer from malnutrition and lacking of food. This causes many children to suffer unnecessary sicknesses, illnesses and sadly sometimes even death.  The children of the Andes mountains have food. However their typical meal consists of the same few products.  Many times every meal might  only be potatoes and rice.  These children are growing up with severe malnourishment. Many of them are hiking through the mountains 1-2 hours each way just to attend school. During class time the children are sluggish, tired, having a hard time paying attention and they don’t even have a lot of energy during recess. 

The Solution….  

   -We found a local charity in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  The charity had some land donated to the community.  Their dream was to turn this land into a fully sustainable and organic farm that did 2 things.  1. Part of the farm was to be an educational center for the school children of Rumira.  The children could go out to the farm a few times a week to learn how to grow a variety of produce.  With the food that they grew they could us it to get a nutritious lunch every day. 2. The rest of the farm would then be under contract with the local villagers that needed some land to farm.  The agreement would be that they could farm a plot of land to grow food for their families for free. In return, 50% of what they produced would be donated to the school to feed the children. 

  We set a goal to raise $10,000 for the construction of a sustainable organic farm in the Andes mountains of Peru. We raised the money in 3 months and then a group of us traveled to Peru to break ground on the farm. 


Within 12 months the farm went from this….


To this……

IMG_1599 [640x480] IMG_1698 (Copiar) IMG_1699 (Copiar) IMG_1830 (Copiar)


IMG_1448 (Copiar)

To see our 24 month update of the farm, click here…

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-Changing the Lives of Children in Peru-

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  1. The website is amazing Chris!! Look forward to being part of your next project and being part of making the world a better place, one project at a time!!

    Many regards from Costa Rica.

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