Ghana Project Itinerary – Aug. 2014 – Constructing a Home for Slave Children

I hope you all are getting as excited about this trip as I am. Here is our unofficial – official itinerary for the Ghana trip. With things like this, there is always room for a change here or there, but needless to say that the purpose will always remain the same. “To have a life changing experience, while making a true impact to help some people realize their own dreams ….oh ya…FUN is one of the main objectives also.”

So with that, if you are still on the fence about this trip let me push you off. This is really going to be a good one, and one that you DO NOT want to miss.

The schedule is below, but if you haven’t yet, go to our application and get your spot reserved ASAP. Seriously, for a whoppin’ $290 USD it would just be rude not to go!!!

8/16 – Saturday: Arrival to Accra, Ghana. Those that arrive today will stay the night in Accra. We will be there to welcome you at the airport. The night in Accra is not provided and will cost around $20 USD per person for your bed. We have the hotel arranged.

8/17 – Sunday: Day in Accra. There may be some arrivals this day. If so, we will have a free day in Accra to explore and enjoy. If there are no arrivals this day we will head for the village of Tafi Atome.

8/18 – Monday: Arrival in the village of Tafi Atome. Today is our first day in the village. We may be traveling to the village this day depending on how flight scheduling works for everyone. The travel to the village is about 5 hours. We will be taking a small bus/ large minivan which is public transportation. There will be a point where we will have to take a ferry across a river also. The cost for the travel to the village is about $7 USD. If you have extra luggage there may be a small fee for the extra room. (*Please see the extra luggage note below)

8/19 – Tuesday: Meet the Chief of the village and begin the project. When we get our final number of people we will be able to estimate how much of the home we can complete and what we will work on afterwards.

8/20 – Wednesday: Work Day – *activities

8/21 – Thursday: Work Day – *activities

8/22 – Friday: Work Day – *activities

8/23 – Saturday: Free day, trip to the beautiful waterfall of the region

8/24 – Sunday: Free day to explore some hiking to the Togo border or some cave exploring.

8/25 – Monday: Work Day – *activities

8/26 – Tuesday: Work Day – *activities

8/27 – Wednesday: Work Day – *activities

8/28 – Thursday: Work Day – *activities

8/29 – Friday: Departure from the village, we will be headed to the coast of Ghana to tour the slave castles. We will also have a free evening here.

8/30 – Saturday: Return home

*Schedule – Note that this schedule is apt to change depending on arrivals, departures, and unforeseen circumstances. This will be the “basic” schedule.

*Luggage – Travel for this trip should be very light. Only the basics are needed. Some will be bringing goods or medical supplies for donations to the village. These are great to have, however too many clothes are not needed. We recommend only one bag per person.

*Food – We will have a cook preparing us breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Rations are abundant and most people will not need additional snacks. However, if you wish to bring some along, that is your choice. The food is typical Ghanian food. It usually includes a mixture of these products and some additional from time to time: rice, tomatoes, pepper, onion, plantains, black eyed peas, yams, tilapia or some type of meat. Vegetarians will be okay on this trip as other vegetarians have been here before.

*Water – Clean water will be provided. There are also local stores in the village to purchase clean bottled water.

*Bathing – Bathing will be a healthy experience for many of us 1st-Worlders. It is a bucket shower, in a private area, usually done in the evening.

*Activities – There will be a variety of evening activities for us. Ex. Learning Ghanian dance from the locals, story telling from the elders, enjoying evenings with the locals and other volunteers.

* Work days – The main focus will be completing the construction of the home for the slave children. Many volunteers wish to serve in other ways while at the village. Ex. Yoga teachers have led a daily yoga class for the locals. Teachers have served some time at the school. Medical professionals have help the villagers also. This isn’t to take away from our project, but to add to the service that we can provide while in the village.

* Slave Children – There are slave children all over Ghana. It will be hard to miss seeing some as we travel through the country. We will not meet the slave children that are moving into the home because they are 6 hours away from the village. However, we will get insight into their lives by speaking with the locals and seeing them throughout the country.

*Weather and Environment – Tafi Atome is in the Mountainous Jungle and the weather is tropical.*Immunizations – Yellow Fever Vaccination is a requirement to enter Ghana.  There are also other vaccinations that are recommended.  Many choose to bring Malaria pill also.  All travelers should visit their chose travel health care professional before they depart.

*Electronics in Ghana – There are some electronics that are okay to bring and others that are not. A list of do’s and don’t for your electronics can be found here.

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