Why Do We Gossip?

Maybe gossip because it increases our excitement level. We want to hear the latest drama about other peoples lives because it raises our energy.  We unconsciously think anything that raises our energy level is a good thing. But, consciously we understand that it is not.  This is the same reason dramatic reality shows and dramas are so popular.  It gives us something to talk about. This is the same reason we perceive physical fights, arguments and war as exciting.  The bad thing about it, is that gossiping, and buying into other peoples drama is destructive.  It disconnects us from our soul.  It disconnects us from our heart.  

 How do we prevent this?  We find exciting things to do with our own lives that remove the boredom.  A person that is happy, enthused and excited about their own life doesn’t have the time or energy to worry about other peoples drama. These people rarely gossip about others. They are too focused on what makes them happy and what makes the closest people around them happy.  When they get good at this, they then work to help others relive themselves of their unconscious addiction of drama and gossiping. They help people become better in their own lives.

 How many times have you gossiped today?

 Want a solution?

Put a rubber band around your wrist and every time you begin speaking negatively about someone or something, give yourself a big whack with the rubberband.  It won’t take too long to weed out the gossip from your life. Many of you will find you have much more time, and mental energy. Start to put new ideas and activities into your own life that make you excited in a constructive manner.  Watch your world change and watch the gossipers drop out of your life.


“If you talk to the person instead of about them, you actually get somewhere.” Unknown Interviewee

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