Why India?


Have you ever been on an adventure that is completely ridiculous and out of this world?

If you have, chances are that it tweaked your mindset about travel, life and excitement. 

Thrills like these make life exciting. This is exactly why are are going across India in a Rickshaw for charity next Aug. And we are putting together teams to come along.  That is, if you are brave enough.  

The Rickshaw Run is 15 days and 2100 miles (3500 km) on an unmapped route though the depths of India. We will be taking the little machine you see in the picture above through the mountains, plains, desert, highlands and the beaches for one reason…..charity…..okay 2 reasons….and to have the adventure of a lifetime. The video below will show you exactly what we will experience. 


Wanna see the in’s and out’s about the Rickshaw Run….click here 

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