How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!!!

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Why do we fear old age?

Each year, I hear my friends complain a little more about getting old. When we turned 23…we thought we were old, and I have heard someone say the same thing every year after.  The problem is not gaining another year of life.  Another year of life is nothing but a blessing, and I have come to accept the fact that another year is a privilege. 

The problem is our mentalities about how we perceive that age.  For example, you may expect to have or be something at a certain age and if you don’t have it, a feeling of despair sets in and then you begin to think you are getting old.  

When I turned 25, I thought I was getting fat and my body was changing.  I honestly thought my body shape and health were both going downhill from there.  Today, I am in excellent shape. Even better than when I was 25.  It was nothing but a perceived idea of what others had told me, then I expected gaining weight to happen to me. My body wasn’t changing at 25, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw, so I told myself…”well, this must be because I am 25, I guess it is all downhill from here.”   

So again the question, how do we eliminate the fear of old age? 

My trick….this secret has worked wonders in my life.  Every year, I make a list of things I want to do, Bucketlist items, goals both big and small, new adventures, new travels, new projects, new things I want to learn, how I want to grow as a person, and whom I want to become in the following year.  I break these goals down into quarterly, monthly and weekly action steps….the result, every birthday, every New Year I am so excited for the coming year, I could care less how old I am. I could care less what others think of me and where they think I should be with my life.  I know that I am living a life that is true to me and my purpose.  I know that because I am fulfilled with what I am doing and I know that internally, every year I grow, I learn, I serve, and I become happier and more content with my life.  I also know that every year fears dissolve, insecurities disappear and my own personal power increases. I feel good in my skin….correction…I feel great in my skin and that feeling is irreplaceable. It is a fantastic feeling and has led me to achieve the life of my dreams and help others do the same.


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So this year, I am going to share my yearly goal setting process, so hopefully we can inject some inspiration into the world! Here we go…

2015 Goals

-I first start off by answering a few questions…

  1. What goal would have the greatest impact on my life?
  2. What am I great at?
  3. If I had one year to live, how would I serve others?
  4. What would my 95 year old self tell me to do in 2015?
  5. How can I serve others without taking away from myself and create an income doing it?
  6. What are my long-term investments?
  7. Who do I get/give the most value from/to?
  8. What are my most fulfilling activities?
  9. If I had 100 million dollars and was 100 times smarter than everyone else, what would I do?

–   These questions are a great start to help clear your mind of all the little details that we bombard ourselves with on a daily basis.  By answering these questions we get to the heart of what we really want, and what we really can make a difference doing.

  • I won’t bore you with all my answers, they would take 5 pages to fill up, but after I answered all these questions, I summed it up to look like this….and also, my list isn’t too terribly long for 2015. Some of you will have a list of 100 things, others will just have a few super impactful things. I have been setting goals for so long, that many of my goals are consistent with small daily habits, like working out 4 times a week and eating healthy. So, no matter if you have a lot of, or just a few BIG goals, both are okay. My life in 2015 will focus on a couple of major things…

The main goal relevant to this blog is…..Building The One Effect, adding 2 new adventures and projects,  and creating an additional $10,000 profit. I have multiple different marketing ideas to make these work, and I will expand on them throughout the year.

2015 Travels…I hope to have more, but these are the important ones





-Rickshaw Run/India


Things to add to my life…

-I have always wanted to go an a rescue mission, when a disaster strikes or an emergency situation happens, to go in with an organization and help the people in need.  So for 2015, I am going to research and learn more about making that a reality. I will also create some action steps for that goal.

General Maintenance Goals

There are 4 major areas to our lives we need to pay attention to, to live a well balanced life, they are…

-Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and Emotional

Each year I set goals in each of these areas. These areas are like the tires on a car, they need to be filled up for the care to move, if one areas is empty, it makes the car much more difficult to operate. Currently, I am very happy with my physical and spiritual tires. So for 2015 I will keep my daily health and spiritual routine which includes, eating healthy and not over eating…too much, daily physical exercise M-F, a daily prayer and visualization. These are what I am calling my general maintenance goals for 2015.  They are just like checking the pressure on your car tires to make sure they aren’t going flat.  This is also because I want to work on my Mental and Emotional goals for 2015.

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So, this year, for 2015 I encourage all of you to make a list.  List out those things you want to do, be and have. Start working towards one, and when you have that one, work towards another.  Step by step your life will begin to transform into a creation of your own.  A life dictated by you and not by circumstances, a life you have always dreamed of. 

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Happy New Year!

Saludos from somewhere in the world, Chris


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