On Defining Yourself…

What defines you?

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You know, nothing defines you.  There is nothing that you are, you were or you have to be.  Nothing.  You are completely untapped, limitless potential.  Where you are going is undefined and uncertain. What you are doing today is undefined and uncertain, and it is completely okay being content with that. There is nothing you have to be, do or have.  It’s okay to be completely comfortable in your own skin just breathing, and if that is all that you do today then that is all you need.  If you shall choose to do more, it will be nothing more than complete untapped and limitless potential. If you choose to be defined today, it is your choice and no one else’s. There maybe a definition and there may not. Either way, you are the one to make that choice.

We strive so much to define ourselves in so many different ways. To make a version of ourselves that fits our perception of what is good and what is great.  But, we seldom take time to be comfortable without a definition of ourselves.  We think we are lost if we don’t have a definition, but isn’t that a purposeful part of being alive and being a human, to be lost at times….without definition…with no version of self…completely open and completely free from all that we, or others think we need to be….isn’t this the most pure form of freedom?


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