On Self Talk….

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Self talk determines everything. There is nothing in your life that wasn’t created without self talk.  What you say you are and what you believe you aren’t, is right.  If you truly want to be what your dreams tell you to be, then you have to start with your own personal self talk.

For 3 months I took a rubber band and put it around my wrist. Every time I had a negative thought about money, I pulled that rubber band back and snapped it on myself. Yes…it hurt.  But it didn’t hurt me as much as the negative self talk that I was unconsciously saying. Pain forces growth and instead of waiting to feel the financial pain that my negative self talk would create, I decided to eliminate it.  And every time I snapped my wrist and had a negative thought, I told my subconscious mind, ‘Thank you for that thought, I am sure it served me once, but is no longer needed.’  Then I then created a more positive reinforcing thought about money.

“Everyone has self-doubt in life, even the most successful people that you look up to. But they don’t live there. It is how you handle those negative thoughts in that exact moment and overwhelm them with positive action” Jaret Grossman

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