On Trusting Media Outlets….

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It is impossible to understand the world by watching the media outlets of one country.  We hear from many people over and over again how bad this world is becoming and how we are on a massive decline of society. We turn on the news and radio and hear about all the horrible things that are happening on the planet.  The truth of the matter is, that none of these are an accurate reflection of what is really happening on our planet.  The media is just a tool that measures and promote mostly negative things because that is what gives them ratings. It is always important to read between the lines.  All the information that you receive typically comes from a money motivated source.  The next time you hear the news, ask yourself…’What drives the people that are delivering this news?  Is it really that trustworthy?’

The following statistics below are from a post in bigthink.com by Andrew Cohen.

I’ve read some eye-opening new insights highlighting how much progress we’ve made from people like Stephen Pinker, Matt Ridley, and Stephen Johnson. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

Increased Standard of Living:

Reduced Violence:

Decrease in Disease:


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