On Your Own Movie….

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*Photo credited to Saw Dust City

This life IS your own movie.  You are creating it. Your are producing it. You are the author of every single event and the result of those events.  Many will say, ‘Well I can’t control everything that happens to me.’  This is true, you cannot control everything that happens in your movie. But what you can control, is your reaction in each of those events. You can control your role in each event whether you created the event or did not.  You are the hero in your own movie.  You decide if you will end your movie as a champion or as a failure. Will you have a happy ending or will your movie’s ending be depressing?  Will your movie effect the lives of others in a positive way?  Or will your movie end like so many others where a person finishes their life with a mountain of regrets?   What kind of movie are you creating?  Are you a victim in your movie, or are you the champion of your movie based on your choices?  You choose, you decide, you write the script and you create the outcome….no one else….just you.

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