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One Thing Can Change It All


Hola, wherever in the world you are.  Well, as many of you know The One Effect’s website is back online. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it took much longer than planned. We were planning to be down for a few days, but ended up being down a few weeks.  However, in the end, it was good, because we made sure all the tech issues were smoothed out.


We changed The One Effect’s site for a couple reasons.  One, the format of the old website was a bit outdated, and 2 The One Effect had turned into something I didn’t really intend to make it.


The original idea for The One Effect was to be a inspiration blog to show people that any person is able to achieve amazing things in life.


The original idea came from asking myself this one question ‘What is one thing that would change it all?” Whatever the answer was, I would then go after that one thing.  This has taken my life places beyond of what I ever dreamed of and made the biggest difference in becoming a better person.


So, we went back to point A, and started with our foundation to re-brand and reconstruct the website.  I think those of you out there will see the difference.  I wanted to make The One Effect more direct, more clear and more powerful….for you…for all those loyal readers and followers out there.


Soon we will be launching a podcast. We will keep up with our weekly posts, and keep living life to the fullest.


As usual if you have any questions, comments, praises or confusions feel free to add it in the discussion section below.


Take some time to check out the new design. I hope you all enjoy where The One Effect is going. And be sure to let us know..


What is one thing that would change it all for you?


Saludos from somewhere in the world, Chris

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