Building an Sustainable Farm for Malnourished Children in Peru


In a world of modern convince, super technology, the internet, Facebook, nutrition, diets, and fast food there is absolutely no excuse why a child should go malnourished, or even die from a lack of food. Food should be a basic human right for any living person, and especially a child.

In Peru the situation of children living in extreme poverty is startling, around 900,000 children exist in these living conditions.

High in the Peruvian Andes thousands of children do not receive proper nutrition due to lack of knowledge on how to grow different types of food. The main products there are potatoes and rice.

Children have existed here for hundreds of years without proper nutrients, food and health in their daily diet.

The main health problems of children in this age group are anaemia and malnutrition. At the national level around 32%

This project is an extension of on-going projects in the area to feed and educate children that are not receiving adequate nutrition. The charity has created a greenhouse in the village of Tuscayo. In a years time the children went from throwing the vegetables under the lunch table to eating them daily and having a massive change in health, energy, growth, participation in the classroom and becoming the best soccer team in the area. We are creating our model after this successful project.

Our farm will  feed the children in school that are extremely malnourished. Many of these children spend 1-4 hours a day walking to and from school, leaving their homes at 5:00am and returning around 5:00pm. That is 12 hours that goes by with very little if any nutritious food at all. Many children are growing up weak, more vulnerable to sickness and disease, and much smaller than the average adult. This affects them with their education, happiness and growth and will affect them their entire lives.



We have two goals.

Goal #1. We aim to eliminate part of that problem. Our goal is to raise $20,000 By December 8th, 2012 to build a farm in the village of Rumira, Peru. The farm will provide food for the 60 children at the school on a daily basis. It will also provide as a classroom for the children to learn how to raise and grow organic food to give the proper nutrients for a person to grow up healthy.

Goal #2. We want to recruit you….YES YOU to come to Peru and help build the farm. Towards end of our project we will be traveling to Peru for 2 weeks to work on the farm side by side with the people of the village, in addition we will be adding some awesome adventure travel along the way.

Creating a successful charity project requires 2 things. 
1. Connecting the right people 
2. Raising funds

We do need your help, giving is one of the best feelings a person can experience, and in projects like these we are not only giving these children a healthy and more positive start in life, we are giving to each other. Helping each other build something that is bigger than ourselves. Helping each other believe that each and everyone of us can make a difference in the world if we choose to. That is what this project is about.

Ways to Help

1. We need 333 people to donate at least $60….that’s it, not a ton of money for most of us, but for these children $60 can go a long way.

2. Share this video with 5 friends. Not just any friends, those 5 friends that you know will care, those 5 friends that you know will share. Those 5 friends. If you do that I guarantee these children will get their farm.

This is the beginning of something that will create a better and healthier life for the children decades on down the road.


-UPDATE Jan. 2014-

This project was a huge success.  We raised $10,000 and brought a group of people to help break ground on the farm in Peru.  Within 12 months the farm was producing food for the children.  The farm is now expanding and the villagers are ‘renting’ the extra ground to grow food for themselves with the agreement that 50% of what they produce will go to the children at the school.



More Pictures are here


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