~The World is Becoming a Better Place~

Google was so kind to put together a contemplation of the most searched videos and terms of 2014. 
 What does this say about humanity?  We aren’t that bad off.  
The world is constantly and gradually becoming a better place to live.  Those that preach doom and gloom take the easy path in life.  It is easy to look at the world, see the negative, judge it and claim hell and damnation on our amazing planet.  The higher road, is full  individuals who look at our world and see the beauty, those who see the light in the darkness and who see good working through all things. Mark my word, this world is becoming a better place no matter what you were taught and it will continue to become a better place whether you like it or not.  We as people will continue to grow, just as we as individuals will grow.  This is the nature of humans and a very natural thing for us to do.  Seeing the bad in this world the easy road, not high road.  The stronger individual will look for the good in all things.

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