Remembering Peru

Pic 15 The Birthday PartyPic 14 - Greenhouses of TastayocPic 10 First Terrace on the FarmPic 11 Last Day on the Farm with the VillagersPic 12 Reparing the GreenhousePic 13 Smoking Meat for LunchPic 9 Clearing the LandPic 8 Meeting the Children at the SchoolPic 7 Negotiating Some Deals at the MarketPic 6 Building a Mud Brick HousePic 2 Eating Guinea PigPic 3 Village of TastayocPic 4 Motorcycle on the MountainPic 5 Main Cathdral, Cusco PeruOn Top of Machu PicchuScreen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.30.03 AMPic 16 Carlos on the Farm 18 Months After We Broke Ground

Pic 17 The One Effect Who's In?

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