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Some of the most successful and happiest people in the world, take a few minutes at the end of each day to review what went right and express their gratitude for those small accomplishments.

Many of these same people do an end of the year review.  Most people don’t do this because they were never taught to do it.   The reason why the happiest and most productive people in the world are the happiest and most productive, is because they take time to do things like an end of the year review.  

Another reason to do an end of the year review, is because it helps put into perspective what is important for you in the coming year. Every time a friend of mine has a birthday, my wish to them is that they are so excited for the coming year that they do not even care about being another year older. For many years this has been the case for me.  I am stoked out of my mind for the coming year.  It will embrace new goals, new travels, meeting new people, spending time with friends and family, seeing new things, experiencing new adventures, making more money, having many new experiences, growing more as a person, and spreading more happiness.  These things, I am incredibly grateful for. 

 -2014 has been an incredible year! I knocked out some awesome goals, and also did some things this year I wasn’t even expecting. I hiked the Camino de Santiago for the 2nd time and raised over $11,000 to construct a home for slave children in Ghana. That home is now nearly finished. I met some really amazing life-long friends that I have absolutely changed my life. I found a place to live long term (Barcelona).  I have made some great memories with my family. Got the chance to visit England and Holland for the first time.  I made a good living working online and built The One Effect into a more solid business. Each year, new and unexpected things come about, and each year they get more exciting.  I am incredibly grateful for 2014 and everything that came with it….I hope your year was full of amazing adventures and here is to an incredible 2015!!!

Personal Accomplishments from 2014


-Keep a basic/intense weekly workout routine.

-Minimize bread, dairy, gluten and meat.

-Heal my feet.  Last year, I tore some tissue in my feet from walking 500 miles across Spain in a month. This year my goal was to work with a physical therapist and chiropractor or heal them so I could walk another 500 miles.

-There were new health issues for me in 2014 and I am sure there will be more in 2015. Having health issues in not the problem, the problem is ignoring these issues. In 2015, my commitment is to stay on top of any health issues that arise to keep my body in tip-top shape.




-Made some amazing new and life-long friends while in Europe

-I went head first into the dating scene and really enjoyed it. I got to meet and date some fantastic ladies and even met a special one towards the end of the year.

-I started texting my mom and my cousin on a daily basis Monday-Friday. I also started calling or skyping my parents 3-4 times a week.

-I worked to overcome my fears and became a better person.

-I found a place to call home (for now) in Barcelona.  I place where I am very happy and content with putting down some roots.

-Had a fantastic social life, including many dinners with friends, days on the beach playing volleyball, many nights dancing, going to concerts, attending festivals and just really enjoying being with quality people.

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-I made a very comfortable income online.

-I re-launched The One Effect

-I posted articles or videos 3 times a week all year long.

-I finished The One Effect’s Ghana project and created a project/adventure in India for 2015.

-I invested into my Financial Freedom Account every paycheck.

-I always stayed on top of my money and was in control of my cashflow.

-I created a new marketing strategy towards the end of 2014 and followed it through into the new year.

-I got a second passport to increase my liberty when traveling.

-Created a weekly routine to plan my week.

-I was a guest speaker at the University of Arizona’s National Collegiate Leadership Conference



-Prayed daily and often

-Visualized in the morning first thing

-Created a weekly Dream Board…this is a marker board where I write and draw my weekly and daily objectives.

-I hiked the Camino de Santiago raising over $11,000 for children in Ghana

-I put a life changing trip together for people to travel to Ghana and build a home for slave children.

-I stayed focused on the vision of my life.


~2014 Travels~

  1. Missouri
  2. Iowa
  3. England
  4. France
  5. Many cities throughout northern Spain
  6. Barcelona – Funny thing, I probably would have traveled more, but once I arrived in Barcelona I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to leave.
  7. Holland
  8. Missouri


Accomplishments for The One Effect

  1. Re-launch and redesign of The One Effect
  2. Adding subscribers to the blog and the Facebook page
  3. Raised over $11,000 for charity by hiking the Camino de Santiago
  4. Created a project in Ghana to construct a home for slave children
  5. Organized a group to travel to Ghana and build the home.
  6. Created a new adventure for 2015
  7. Three blog posts per week for the entire year.
  8. The One Effect was featured on 2 podcasts
  9. The One Effect was featured on numerous times
  10. Created a new marketing plan
  11. Put a lot of healthy time and energy into The One Effect and growing the vision of the business.

 **Feel free to share your success for 2014

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