Why Do We Seek Adventure?


~June 2012 in the Valle Sagrado near Cusco, Peru~

What is the thrill of adventure?  What is this excitement behind it and why can’t many of us live without it?  

~Adventure is inherent in many of us. Some of us more so than others, but all of us are seeking some sort of adventure in one way or another.  Some of us seek it through our careers, jobs, relationships, and others seek it though travel, meeting new people and trying new things.  The thrill of adventure  is what excites us.  The thrill of the unknown, the thrill of something new, the thrill of seeing new things, having new experiences, and in a sense, becoming a new person.  Adventure is the link between who we were and who we are destined to become.  Some of us step boldly into that new adventure without a  hint of fear seeking it out often. Some of us take a little bit more time and make sure we make a calculated analysis before we step into the vast adventurous unknown.  No matter what adventure you choose, the important thing to know is that if you are attracted to that adventure, for one reason or another, if was made for you.  It could be the most intense life changing adventure you ever take, or you could fall flat on your face and fail miserably. In truth, the only failure when is comes to adventure, is not going on one.

There are all types of adventures, they could be mini goals, or diets, or a weekend trip to the spa.  They could be really big like starting your own business, traveling the world or really small like learning to cook a new meal.  All of these adventures are here amongst the world for us to endure and experience.  We are like kids in a candy store full of adventures and it’s sad if we fail to open that delicious looking box of candy and try something new. These adventures are a part of our experience in this life.  The adventures that we are attracted to are adventures that were made for us.

 “You have to do the thing that makes you tic, you have to do it on a daily basis, you have to do it unapologetically, and do it with love.” Fitz Cahall

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