~Super Hack to Increase the Excitement in Your Life~

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We have all heard time and time again from quotations, to ancient texts, in songs, on our media channels that we need to be more present in our lives. Religions tell us this and spiritual gurus make millions off this advice. But actually doing it….is another story.

There are many different ways to make this happen, but today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite super hack…..forcing presence. 

Forcing presence is putting yourself into a situation where you have to be present. Putting yourself into intense emotional experiences that make your focus 100% intently.  So intently that you cannot think of anything other that what is happening in that moment.  This releases endorphins into our body and a chemical called oxytocin which stimulates happiness.  It also eliminates those thoughts that bring us down and keeps us from achieving great things.  Forced presence makes us think on spot and forces us to grow in ways we never imagined. 

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Travel, many types of sports, stimulating and exciting conversations, intense exercise, sex, trying new things working towards important goals. All of these things relieve people of depression, boredom and self-pity.  This all causes natural stimuli to basically force excitement and happiness upon you. Ever been excited out of your mind? Whats’s the difference between that and being scared out of your mind?Nothing….they are the exact same feeling. 

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and was asked what he could do to be more positive.  I told him immediately to make a Bucketlist and start working towards one goal.  Then when one is done, start working towards another, and then another and then another. The reason for this was to get him more excited and less bored with his life. This will then force presence.  Naturally, you will become happier and more positive when you do this. 

He then told me that he doesn’t have a boring life and is very busy day to day and I asked, well do you have an exciting life?  He thought for a second and said “No”.  He thought he didn’t have a boring life because he was busy, but in reality busy is a form of boredom. 

We go about our days working, staying busy and doing the things we think we should do. Sadly, this becomes our auto pilot for our entire lives, and when it all comes to an end, we look back and the #1 regret when people reach the end of their lives is not taking more chances.  

Busy-ness keeps us in a day to day program of what we think we need to do and keeps us idly tucked in a miserable comfort. It also give us justification to not seek more in life because we are too busy, and we are in a mirage of safety.  

The real question being….’How much excitement are you injecting into your life and the life of others?’….Force your own presence……


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