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The Rickshaw Run 2015

In August of 2015 we are taking a team of the toughest peeps to the depths of India 3500km (2,174 miles) across the country in a motorized Rickshaw….“Why?” you say.  For the only logical reasons out there… 1. For the spirit of adventure and to 2. Make a difference ~The Rickshaw Run is 3,500km pan-Indian adventure in a […]

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First Hand Account of The Rickshaw Run ~ 2000+ Miles Across India for Charity

On a sunny summer day in Barcelona, a fellow online entrepreneur/world traveler had a friend in town whom he wanted me to meet. We found a typical Spanish restaurant and entered Scott Brills. Over the next few days I got the opportunity to get to know Scott.  He is the founder of mSeven.net, and PamojaSafaris.com. […]

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Why India?

Have you ever been on an adventure that is completely ridiculous and out of this world? If you have, chances are that it tweaked your mindset about travel, life and excitement.  Thrills like these make life exciting. This is exactly why are are going across India in a Rickshaw for charity next Aug. And we are putting together […]

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