What if You Did Not Have Time?

Ask yourself, if I had 10 years to live, how would I do things different?…spend some time with that question.

Then again

If I had 5 years to live, how would I do things different?…and spend some time with that question.


If I had 1 year to live, what would I do with that year?

If I had 6 months to live….how would I live?

If I had 3 months to live….what would be my purpose with those 3 months?

If I had 1 month…who would I spend it with and what would we do?

If I had 2 weeks….what would be the legacy I could leave in those 2 weeks.


It has been said that the scariest thing in life is lack of urgency….because we think we have time.

 But if we only had 2 weeks to live….how would we spend those 2 weeks…how would we spend those 3 months…that last year….what would you focus on?

 Why in the world should we live like we have time…why should our day to day life be any different?  Do you think that life would be more fulfilling if we act as if we have plenty of time, or if we act as if we need to let our life shine because none of us know when our last breath will be on this earth….

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