Traveling the World is Only for the Rich….NOT

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In 2007 I started a business, by the end of 2008 I was flat broke.  I don’t know if I was really ever un-broke…I mean I had some things. I had some nice income, but also had some large bills….I had a nice apartment in Scottsdale, AZ, a 2004 Nissan 350z sports car, a Masters degree. I produced some money my first year in business….but then, if you remember the “Global Recession” hit late 2008.  And it hit my business hard, so I was broke.


I was to the point where I would donate plasma 2 times a week for money to buy food. One time I was speaking with my father during breakfast over the phone.  He asked “What are you eating?”  I replied, “Frosted Flakes.”  He said “Are you using milk?, and I said “No, I am eating them with water.”  Then I heard a giggle from the other side of the phone, and the last thing I remember of that conversation was dad saying “Damn, you are broke, aren’t you?”….Yep, I sure was.


But you know, even at that moment, even though I had no valid license plates on either of my vehicles, even though my 350z sports car got repossessed, even though I was eating a can of green beans and corn for dinner, I knew.  I knew that I wasn’t going to give up, because I knew that from this experience I was going to help others.  I didn’t know how, but I just knew that I would.


About a year later I picked up a book that had been on my reading list for a too long.  It was called ‘The Four Hour Work Week’.  I remember the first time I saw that book, I knew at that moment too, that I was going to like the book.  But, I put it off for a couple of years for whatever reason.

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Well, I finally read that book in 2009. When I finished I read it again. Then I read it again.  Then I bought the audio. At this time I was working a landscaping job in Iowa.  When we would drive from job site to job site, I would listen to ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ audio.  My friends and work coleueges thought I was a nut.

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I listened to that audio at least 12 times.  You see, in that book, they talk about how to find ways to make money online so you can be travel the world, and be location independent.


This is what I wanted, and I wanted it bad.  So I read and listened and read and listened.


By April 2011, I was making a bit of money online and I bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica.  I stayed there for a year, living on the beach, surfing, working online and waking up to monkeys swinging in the trees around the house. I traveled to Nicaragua, island hopped in Panama, zip-lined over waterfalls, explored caves that would make Indiana Jones jealous, and even climbed the tallest mountain in Costa Rica to raise money for some kids.


It was nice….


But, I have always been restless, so I moved to Peru.  I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Rode dirt-bikes on dangerous dirt roads in the Amazon, enjoyed the fine Peruvian cuisine (Guinea Pig), traveled to the Sacred Valley to meet a Peruvian shaman and even started a project to feed malnourished children in a small village.


It was nice….


But, I have always been restless…so, I decided it would be cool to hike 500 miles across Spain on the ancient pilgrimage El Camino de Santiago.

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It was nice…


But, I have always been restless….so,…getting the hint yet?  So I moved to Madrid, Marbella, Seville, visited Morocco, France, Holland, England, walked another 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago again, this time to build a home for slave children in Ghana and moved to Barcelona.


It has been nice….and I’m not done.


But, I don’t tell you this to impress you.  But, to impress upon you what is possible.  What is possible if you believe in your dreams.  What is possible if you follow your heart.  What is possible if you ask yourself this one question…


What is one thing that will change it all?


That one thing, is The One Effect…


Saludos from somewhere in the world,  Chris Reynolds


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