Update from Ghana….Kind of…


Look at these happy faces!  Having the time of their lives in a remote village in Ghana…making a difference in the world.

I wish I was there….really!  For those of you that haven’t heard I didn’t make it to Ghana….the dude that put the entire project together didn’t even make it….yep it’s true.  There is a good reason….it’s a bit of a story, so here goes:



– After the trek across Spain, I had to apply for my visa in the US. I could not do this before I left the US because according to the ‘application rules’, one can only apply within 3 months of the expected departure date for Ghana.  I left the US on May 13th, thus forcing me to apply for the Ghana visa after the hike across Spain.  There was 1 month and a half between the end of the trek and the Ghana trip, so there were no worries about time.  I sent in the application to get the visa and it was approved from Spain in 4 days.  Unfortunately, when the visa got sent back to Spain, it was accidentally sent uncertified mail without a tracking number.  If any of you know about the Spanish mailing system, you know it can be a nightmare.  If a package is sent uncertified, there is no way to track it, and many times a package may get stuck in customs just waiting for someone to check it, sometimes for months.  Well, this is what happened to my visa, thus arriving 3 weeks late.  By this time, over 1/2 the project was over in Ghana and after rebooking a flight, it would only give me 4 days in the village.  Thus, I made the decision to reschedule my trip.  Luckily, I have an amazing team that went to Ghana without me to continue what we started.  I am extremely grateful for these people….they are the leaders that we need in the world.
-As many of you can imagine, I was crushed by this.  For a few days, I thought the world ended, and then I chose to reconfirm one of my beliefs, that everything happens for a reason.  I chose to buy into the idea that this mistake happened for a good reason, and that there is a grander purpose in it all.
-So if you are expecting a postcard, video or gift from Ghana, I am sorry to say that it will be headed your way at a later date. As of the exact date, I do not know yet. But, all of you will be informed ASAP.


 Again, thanks to all of you for the support.  Honestly, this project will seriously alter the lives of 9 children for their entire lives.  It is a cause will completely change everything for them and I hope all of you will let that idea dwindle in your hearts, knowing that you made a massive difference!!!

As for now, cheerio to you all and 
Saludos from somewhere in the world, 
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