What’s New for The One Effect in 2015

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As we move into 2015 many people are setting New Years Resolutions and goals for themselves, as is The One Effect. Each year brings out a new change and growth.  All businesses are focused on growth and creating the most value, and that is what we are doing here as well. Here are some of the changes you will see with The One Effect this coming year.  As always, we want to thank you for sticking around in 2014 and we hope to see lots of you in 2015. Happy New Year!


In 2015, The One Effect is going to start Podcasting.  Ninety percent of people under 35 do not own a personal radio.  They are quickly becoming an item of the past.  We now use our phones and computers to supply us with music and talk radio.  Even better, we can actually listen to talk radio that isn’t completely boring. There are infinite talk radio stations, aka podcasts where people get their information for things that they enjoy. So we will be starting with a couple podcasts a month, interviewing some of the most impressive people in the world that have taken on their dreams, committed their life to designing their life, and helping people along the way. You will hear from people that start educational projects in small remote villages in Africa, people who are committed to eliminating slavery in Ghana, from people who build greenhouses for malnourished children in Peru, and people who do all this while creating the life of their own dreams.  We haven’t seen anything like it out there and are excited out of our minds to move into the podcasting realm!

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In 2015, our weekly 3 articles will be reduced to 2 articles a week.  This is to leave time to dedicate towards podcasting without reducing the quality of the articles that you see on our blog.


Racing 2100 miles across India in a Rickshaw for charity.  If you haven’t heard all the buzz about this adventure, check it our here!!!  Guess what?  We are looking for some daring souls to come along with us on this trip, contact us here if you are looking for some pure Indiana Jones type of adventure to go on this Aug. 2015.

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-Newly designed website.  The structure of the website will change over 2015, and it will happen slowly.  We are doing this to modernize the website a bit and make it more manageable.


-The One Effect Library, we will be featuring a library section this year where you can see all the recommended books that we are fans of. You will be able to link in and pick up a copy for yourself.


-New faces.  We expect to see many new subscribers this year, as we are happy to see and hear from all the older subscribers as well.


-A second charity adventure???  Well…..we are pondering it, and we are ready to tackle 2 adventures in one year!!!


-Helping you!!!  The purpose of The One Effect, is to inspire you start one thing that can change your world.  We are fully expecting to keep this commitment and hope to see you along on one of our adventures.


That’s it!!!  It is going to be a fulfilling and exciting year with The One Effect and we are extremely grateful you are coming along with us!


Saludos from somewhere in the world, Chris

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